How to Make the Right Decisions

The speed of change in your market and the overall environment. The lack of predictability and the ability to predict the future. The number of forces, issues, and confusion that surround your organization. The lack of clarity and potential for misreading situations.

  • Are you able to hold on to something tangible and safe in the Digital era?

  • Are you delivering actual impact across your organization?

  • Are you staying ahead of your customer’s needs?

Our objective is to provide actionable insights on the issues that matter most to you and your organization, so you will be able to make better decisions.

What Does Our Advisory Process Look Like?

Big Corporations


When you want to focus on maximizing the profitability of your business model.

Small and Midsize


When you want to catch up with the rapid and substantial opportunities that are happening in your market



When you want to maximize your competitive advantage by growing as fast as possible.

What Our Clients Say

We are proud that our customers highly recommend us

Prasenjit Sinha

Miguel very quickly got down to the ‘reality of the situation’.

Often in a startup, we end up working in our own little bubble of understanding how the world works and how our startup might operate in it.

In less than 3 days of prep, Miguel pointed out the holes in our bubble and made us aware of where we are as a startup and how we should be behaving.

Prasenjit Sinha, Co-Founder & CPO at Kudoti
Ali Pashazadeh

Miguel is a fantastic advisor. This was the second call that I had with him, and both calls were just great. He is knowledgeable, understands his clients’ needs, and tailors the content to the need of the client.

What I liked the most about this project was that he immediately adjusted the structure of the call according to the request of my client. Not to mention that he is a friendly person who makes a good connection in the first couple of minutes with you and your client.

Ali Pashazadeh, Postdoctoral Researcher at Otto von Guericke University
Bash Ali

Miguel is a wonderful human being, down-to-earth, approachable, easy to work with, and has excellent knowledge of business models.

He will always go the extra mile where he is needed to help.

Bash Ali, Founder at BA Smart Homes
Suman Sasmal

Miguel is really sharp and bright mind.

His sense of humor is something I remember. He is actively evangelizing exponential organizations and I truly enjoy his posts.

Suman Sasmal, Indian Institute of Management / Mentor at NSRCEL
Darcy Patten

Miguel did a great job, a very confident speaker with excellent knowledge of shifting mindsets or changing the corporate culture in large organizations.

Also, very strong people skills and was able to put our client at ease and made them feel comfortable throughout the entire advisory consultation.

Darcy Patten, Managing Partner / Organizational Transformation Coach
Glenda Clarke

Miguel was a great advisor and I enjoyed working with him.

I knew from Miguel’s response to the opportunity that he understood our client’s pain and had the experience to share different approaches to dealing with it. Not only was he knowledgeable in the topic area, but he was also prepared and provided valuable approaches, answered all the questions, and showed empathy for his situation.

Our client highly praised Miguel and within a short time, felt the knowledge shared was extremely helpful for his situation.

Glenda Clarke, Business Analyst / Project Manager
Paola Hurtado

The advisory call with Miguel Angel was amazing.

He approached the subject with great clarity, despite its complexity and the limited time we had. Good professional, with a lot of experience and good teaching. Highly recommended.

Paola Hurtado, Head of Strategic Projects at Universal DX SL
Teodora Carmen Muresan

The session on blockchain technology with emphasis on challenges and today’s realities was eye-opening for me and the client.

We both agreed that Miguel delivered it very well.

Teodora Carmen Muresan, Business Operation Manager at SystemSeed
Gabriel Campillo

Miguel provided extremely insightful information on how the client’s solution could be presented to users and clients.

Using his own experience and examples gave a new point of view and reference upon which future deployments can be created to increase value. The clarity and well-structured information have helped to envision a compelling way to reach the market and his openness to re-engage was much appreciated

Gabriel Campillo, Associate Director at Founder Institute
Seounghee Lee

Miguel was really proactive and customer-focused during the meeting preparation.

He proactively suggested better ideas that I did not think of. While delivering the presentation, he was quite energetic, and the answers to the questions were also very practical.

Seounghee (Cindy) Lee, Digital Transformation Coach at Workday
Christopher Stone

Miguel was incredibly insightful.

He helped review the MTP first, and then we walked through the other attributes. He had many great ideas we had not considered, for example: about integrating processes, and not just technology. He also had some great ideas on agile contracting frameworks.

Christopher Stone, Chief Executive Officer at CSEngineering
Carlo Severino

Miguel gave very good insights and input.

He shared options for looking at the business, and possible entry strategies, and highlighted aspects that are critical to the business.

Carlo Severino, Group Chief Digital Transformation Officer at Transnational Diversified Group
Michael Pizarro

Miguel was able to bring his expertise to the discussions by highlighting the importance of the concepts, structures, and strength of digitization not as a goal but as a tool.

Michael Pizarro, Board Member at IFI
Thomas Antony

Miguel was well prepared and got what I had briefed him about the need. We loved the way the call was conducted, and the various areas as categorized by Miguel.

I personally loved the way Miguel framed the discussion and how he took the discussion across various categories of automation and made it relevant to the client.

Thomas Antony, Chief of Operations and Customer Success at Actionfi
Alfredo Colombano

Miguel Angel has provided a very realistic vision to the client. In addition, our client was very happy with Miguel’s pragmatic and closeness.

He knows very well everything related to the exponential models and the needs of this specific client. He is a great expert in his field.

Alfredo Colombano, Founder at Innovandus
Mary Grace Opulencia

Our client was happy with how Miguel provided feedback and they were able to get key ideas that would help them grow their business by looking into exponential concepts, methodologies, and frameworks.

Mary Grace (Opulencia) Dy, Business Change Consultant
Jorge Gros

Miguel Angel provided much more than we personally expected.

His presentation and answers were clear and concise and he certainly has deep knowledge of the subject relevant to the client’s project.

Jorge Gros, Founder and Partner at Software Greenhouse
Doji Lopez

Miguel was very generous with his insights and knowledge.

He definitely went beyond the bare minimum and was politely straightforward with the client about his concerns and questions. He was sensitive to the client when pursuing a question of an urgent nature.

Doji Lopez, Chief Operating Officer at Dr. Gloria D. Lacson Foundation
Sylvester Williams

Miguel is a great collaborator. He presented clear practical advice to me and the client that will help the client make faster progress on their digital transformation journey than they would have otherwise.

The client has expressed interest in continuing the conversation and assisting them with their focus on implementing effective dashboards.

Sylvester R. Williams, Owner at TeamLogic IT
Pamela Gonzales

He gave very good insights on how the company should start to penetrate the market and differentiate itself from competitors.

He made a deep analysis of the company and provided clear steps on how to move forward. The client is very happy to have him during the advisory call.

Pamela Gonzales, Financial Advisor at Sun Life Financial
Tina Pilones

His advice was very comprehensive with very practical insights.

The client loved the different strategies presented that could be applied to her situation and how clear the next steps were. My client is excited to review this and get started immediately.

She also rated Miguel Angel 11/10.

Tina Pilones, Unit Manager at Sun Life of Canada
Edna Lu

He delivered more than what was expected and I am truly amazed by all his insights and suggestions for my client to skyrocket his business.

Edna Lu, Associate Wealth Planner
Karina Zuñiga

Miguel Angel was an excellent advisor. He explained the agile methodologies in a very simple and clear way.

He is also a very friendly and close person, who cares a lot about giving excellent customer service.

Karina Zuñiga, Senior Executive at Redbanc
Fabiola Gonzalez

Very actionable advice. Straight to the point.

Fabiola Gonzalez, Strategy, Leadership and Execution at Ideaxion
Magdalena Iordanova

It was a pleasure to work with Miguel! I experienced him as very passionate, knowledgeable, professional, and a great communicator.

He cares and wants to make a difference.

Magdalena Iordanova, Regional Manager True Customer Centricity at Allianz
Burak Ercivan

Very effective and well-explained presentation. You lightened us so much that it is quite clear what we have to do now.

Especially in the conversation about which framework we should leverage depending on our business objectives (increase quality, reduce cost, scaling up…).

Burak Ercivan , Consulting Founder at B&B Education
Raul Iglesias

Miguel Angel provided total flexibility to adapt the session with the customer, and sharp and clear insights into the different topics discussed.

He is knowledgeable about exponential frameworks as well as tech and innovation themes. Highly valuable input!

Raul Iglesias, Innovation & Strategy at Arca
Georgi Kamaliev

Miguel provided an excellent presentation about a case study for building a community. It was great to share his experience with us and give practical advice.

He was very open and flexible and went really above and beyond, answering all the questions at the end of the call.

Highly recommend Miguel as an advisor.

Georgi Kamaliev, Owner at Isomatech Engineering
Vanesa Saiz

The communication with Miguel Angel has been spectacular and fluid since the beginning. He asks for additional information to make sure the advisory call goes as smoothly as possible, making the coordination easier.

Without a doubt, a top advisor!

Vanesa Saiz, Vice President of Talent at Bit2me
Ignacio Martin

Miguel Angel is a passionate and innovative team player. He is committed to supporting and pushing the team, always trying to innovate and develop new approaches.

It was a pleasure working with him and having his support and contribution while we worked together.

Ignacio Martin, Organizational Transformation Expert / Professor
John Stroud

I strongly recommend Miguel.

First, he was highly organized in terms of meeting preparation. In particular, he asked that we provide questions in advance of the meeting, and he made notes to answer all of our questions. Second, his content was helpful. He provided a nice mix of high-level, and “in the weeds” feedback that we were looking for.

Overall, this was well worth the expense, and we may reach out to him again for future topics.

John Stroud, Chief Executive Officer at AI Guides
Claudio Gutierrez

Miguel Angel went beyond his duty and gave us a very important time so that we correctly understood the next steps to take.

He was shown his pragmatism and most importantly, his great human quality.

Claudio Gutiérrez, Founder at IEXS Consultoría Estratégica
Joy Hammons

Miguel was fantastic! He provided good context around the right attributes and was able to highlight the ones that seemed most relevant to the client’s business model.

He got it right! We are impressed and it will lead to further discussion and potential engagement.

Joy Hammons, Executive Leadership Consultant at Foreword Consulting
Alessandro Vianello

We have been delighted with Miguel. He was extremely clear in his exposition and indicated the business model’s main weaknesses.

He has helped us to re-focus our attention on some parts of the business model to be developed more deeply

Alessandro Vianello, Business Advisor at Studio EXA
Jun Suto

I looked for a compassionate advisor who shows patience and understanding for people who do not speak any other languages than their local languages, of course, with a high standard of work and professionalism. And, I got exactly that and more from Miguel!!

He is very patient and collaborative. He beautifully adjusted his presentation and used a slide deck with just the right amount of information for the client!!

Thank you, Miguel, for making our advisory call excellent and impactful!

Jun Suto, CEO at S-CUBED Consulting & Singularity University Advisor

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IT Service

Strategic LEADER + MP

ITIL provides a digital operating model that enables organizations to co-create effective value from their IT-supported products and services.

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Business Agility


Organizations that are highly agile and responsive to market dynamics complete more of their projects successfully than their slower-moving counterparts.

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Effective governance is a vital element of strategy formulation and business transformation success and is an important driver of innovation and business transformation.

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DevOps is a cultural and operational model that fosters collaboration to enable high-performance IT to achieve business goals.

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Extension of lean manufacturing + lean services principles to the development and management of information technology products and services.

Its goal is to continuously improve the value delivered by IT organizations to their customers.

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Proven Enterprise Architecture framework used by the world’s leading organizations to improve business efficiency.

As the most prominent and reliable EA framework, it ensures consistent standards, methods, and communication.

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Over the years, businesses has changed considerably, but projects remain critical drivers of business success.

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The most effective way to implement strategic initiatives, bridging the gap between strategy and implementation using a collection of applications, technologies, projects and services.

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The practice of enabling change in an organizational context, by defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to stakeholders.

The set of tasks and techniques that are used to perform business analysis are defined in the BABOK.

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Agile at Scale

Certified Agilist

Scaled Agile Framework empowers complex organizations to achieve the benefits of Lean-Agile software and systems development at scale.

SAFe is currently the world’s leading framework for scaling Agile across the enterprise

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Six Sigma White Belt

A method that provides organizations with tools to improve the capability of their business processes.

This increase in performance and decrease in process variation helps lead to defect reduction and improvement in profits, employee morale, and quality of products or services

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Frameworks and methodologies that were born to address issues from startups to midsize enterprises.

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Lean Startup

Lean Startup

Methodology for developing businesses and products that aims to shorten product development cycles and rapidly discover if a proposed business model is viable.

Hypothesis-driven experimentation, iterative product releases, validated learning, customer feedback and flexibility. logo

Agile Framework

Scrum Master

Scrum is a lightweight framework that helps people, teams and organizations generate value through adaptive solutions for complex problems.

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Design Thinking

Design Thinking

A non-linear, iterative and human-centered process that teams use to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype and test.

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Exponential Scalability

Ambassador & Coach

An ExO organization whose impact or output is disproportionately large -at least 10x larger- compared to its peers because of new organizational techniques that leverage accelerating technologies.

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Mentor & Exponential innovator

An organization focused on inspiring people to unlock their potential by making everyone aware they are extraordinary and providing them with the mindset and toolkit to make an impact.

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Kanban Management Professional

A popular Lean workflow management method for defining, managing, and improving services that deliver knowledge work. It helps you visualize work, maximize efficiency, and improve continuously.

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